March 25, 2018

Our first review: it’s time to pop our cherry (tomato). After much deliberation, we settled on Pizza Posto. This felt right as they were given the crown of ‘best pizza in Scotland 2017’ by the Scottish Italian Awards, and have since made this accomplishment the crowning jewel of their marketing. We figured that by beginning here, we can use this pizza as the standard bearer to compare all future pies against.


Pizza Posto finds itself located in that funny part of Edinburgh’s Southside; while surrounded by some buildings of grandeur such as the law school and a theatre, it is equally neighboured by as many budget shops, supermarkets and those crazy people who seem to live in bus stops. We were happy to escape this current day dystopia and entering the restaurant we were greeted with warm lighting, cheery pop music and dough-filled air. Inside is clean with decor reminiscent of larger chains: that universal style where quirky quotes adorn the walls alongside colourful patterns that some overpaid interior designer has promised the owners will make customers chew faster or some other bullshit. We did raise our collective eyebrows at the neatly piled stacks of logs, suspecting the clay oven would be gas-fired - our suspicions were raised by the uniformly baked pies, and then later confirmed by our affable server. 


With the menus in front of us, one thing stood out massively: the price. £5 for a pizza. The prices here are exceptionally low: £3 house wine and £4 house lager, both which were perfectly acceptable house offerings. Sure, you could argue they were both a little bland but you could argue that ordering the cheapest beer and wine makes you a tight bastard. In all we ordered: breadsticks for a couple of quid, a margherita (or in Posto language - a number 2), a pepperoni pizza (a number 5), a glass of red and a pint, all washed down with a couple of espressos. 




The pizza base is advertised as ‘multicereali’ and we had premonitions of a cheerio based pizza being delivered to our table. Pizza Posto state that the wheat flour is mixed with ‘rye, barley, rice and oats’ and although it appears generic, it has an unexpected earthiness and complexity that reminded us of wholegrain pasta. We didn’t think that it was bad, even agreeing that on its own we liked it - but we couldn't help but find it to be overpowering the other ingredients, so we decided it was best termed as distracting. Yeah, a distracting crust. 


The tomatoes were San Marzano and were as they should be, there isn’t anymore to say on them. A nice balance of sweet and acidity they neither shone nor offended. 


The cheese - an Italian Fior de Latte (a cow’s milk mozzarella in normal speak) was a let down, definitely lacking the quality to be upon a pizza that touted itself as Scotland’s best. It lacked any real flavour and served only a customary purpose. Posto do however offer an upgrade to the more flavourful Buffalo Mozzarella for £1.50 and considering your 12 inch pizza would still be under a tenner, we massively recommend doing so - we definitely will next time. 


The pepperoni was advertised as ‘spicy Italian salami’ and we were happy to find it with a decent lick of chilli, although we did use the house chilli oil to give it some more oomph.


The pizzas were baked decently, perhaps teetering on under-baked on one of the pies. We got a little bit of char on the edges, but the rule on char is you can never have enough - it’s so essential to provide  bitterness to cut through the richness of the other ingredients. Call us char-sluts, but we’re yet to find a pizza with too much char. 



We enjoyed our Posto pizzas, we were content and full and despite knowing the prices throughout, it was still a happy surprise to see a total bill for £25. Yeah alright, Pizza Posto isn’t the best pizza in Scotland - Hell, it isn’t the best in Edinburgh but what this might be is one of the best budget pizzas in town. 


Posto would be a good shout for a cheap lunch date, or a pre-night out with your #squad. With that in mind: here’s a list of things that a £5 margherita from Pizza Posto pisses all over:


 a Big Mac meal (£5.09)

Yo Sushi’s Yo Box (£5.45)

Tesco Meal Deal (£3)

 Pret a Manger’s Mac n Cheese (£6)

a Chicago town ‘takeaway’ pizza (£3.90)

 a tram from Princes St to the Airport (£5.50)


Fundamentally this is a good pizza for a great price. If you need (good) pizza and you’re broke as shit, go to Posto. 



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