April 23, 2018

The weather in Scotland recently has been nothing short of absolutely mental, but mid-April we were blessed with temperatures that don't necessitate wearing two pairs of socks. We decided to take advantage of this and head to an old favourite of ours - Dough. Located on the picturesque Rose St, they have more al fresco seating than inside the shop. Dough is fundamentally a takeaway operation and while we've ordered plenty of pies or picked up slices to fuel shopping trips - we'd never actually sat in (or out as it were...).

The shop itself is small, with a glass counter offering takeaway slices which is always stacked with good looking pies. There's a beast of a pizza oven taking up most of the space inside and the Pizzaiolo making pies to the right is the most Neapolitan looking dude going - even wearing his Napoli FC cap religiously. They have flavoured olive oils in a rack alongside basil plants free for customers to spike their pies - a concept every pizza place should get on board with. A large blackboard offers over a dozen different pies. Dough also offer salads, and while we have it on good authority they're pretty banging, honestly, what kind of twisted person orders salad from a pizza place? 


This trip also introduced another aspect of Dough to us - their smaller 10 inch pizzas, which are ridiculously good value. Our usual Margherita was under a fiver at £4.50 and our second choice - the white base Agrodolce topped with prosciutto, fig and gorgonzola was still a bargain at £6.75. With a couple of cans of juice alongside (there's no booze here), it all came to under 15 quid. 




Once we had ordered, we sat on the long communal benches out front - sitting outside meant we could bring our pug Winston to the pizza party. Only a few minutes later the pizzas were brought out and looked incredible. They were both baked exceptionally with that perfect balance of crispy and chewy in every bite. Little balls of char lined the entire crust of the pie, meaning every single slice benefitted from that delicious bitterness. 


The dough at Dough is unsurprisingly, fucking incredible. They are the only pizza place in Scotland who use filtered sea water in place of regular salt in their dough. According to them, it makes the pizzas easy to digest but more importantly to us, it tastes fantastic. The dough has a lightness in texture, yet a rich and complex minerality in flavour. This is well and truly some of the best dough we've ever tasted in Edinburgh, NYC or anywhere. 


Dough's accolades don't end there however. Their Margherita, which is honestly daylight robbery at £4.50 and still great value at £9 for a full 15 inch, is our favourite Margherita in town. Sure, we haven't tried every pie yet, but this is going to be tricky to beat. The quality of ingredients is second to none with a perfect base topped with bright, sweet tomato and rich creamy mozzarella, all crowned with fresh basil. 


If you've read our other reviews, you'll know we have an affinity for white base pizza. Dough's Agrodolce was a relative newcomer to their menu, but it's a pie we've crooned over for a while. The combination of sweet, soft figs with the salinity of prosciutto that's further accentuated with the tang of gorgonzola is a dreamy coalition. Figs wrapped in ham, while delicious, is more suited to Spanish sunsets than Scottish streets, but Dough have managed to create a pizza that we'd smash all year round. 



Look, if it wasn't obvious by now, we fucking love Dough. The pizza is authentic, made perfectly and uses an incredibly high quality of ingredients. The shop itself has some limitations, in the fact there aren't many seats, no toilets and no booze (you can BYOB though) - meaning this isn't the place for a date or a big birthday dinner. There's no coffee either and not many dessert options, but honestly none of this matters. The pizza is what we are here for, and the pizza is king. 


We absolutely insist if you haven't been to Dough, then go. Hell, you can grab a £2 slice on your way past and it's enough to put you in a great mood for the rest of the day. Ordering online is convenient too, and holy shit, it's a million times better than any of those infamous pizza delivery chains, but if you really wanna try the very best pizza at its very best, take advantage of what short Scottish summer we get, sit outside the shop and people watch to your heart's content, while your tongue has multiple orgasms. 

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