August 21, 2018

One of Edinburgh's most infamous pizza spots, due to their renegade marketing and big ass pies, Civerinos Slice is the younger, cooler brother of Civerinos - an Italian street food restaurant just off the Royal Mile. Describing itself as a neighbourhood pizza bar, and situated just off the University of Edinburgh campus, it is beloved by students and pizza aficionados alike. 

On a pretty decent Summer's evening we sat outside - they have benches out front that are perfect for people watching. The menus are conveniently clipped to the table before you arrive, so you can dive right in and start dissecting the choices. There's a few sides on offer here, but when they offer pizza by the slice why bother? You want a side with your pizza slice? Get another slice. The slice is king here, and rightly so.


We grabbed a couple of reasonably priced beers and chose three slices to share. That doesn't sound like a lot right? Well, Civs (as they are affectionately known) serve up 20 inch behemoths, making each slice nearly a meal in itself. That also explains the fairly hefty price tag, as slices priced at around a fiver initially seems mental, but when it arrives you realise you've got your money's worth. 

We got a Margherita slice as per usual (£3.85), a 'Civerinos' which we hoped would be the house special (£5.45) and a Grandma slice called The Triple Double (£5.50). We were psyched to try this last one, as not only is Triple Double the most badass pizza name going, Civerinos are the only guys in town that serve Grandma pizza slices. For the uninitiated, a Grandma is a style of pizza with roots in Sicily that's rustic and homey, made in a big rectangle pan. It's a thicc boy, characterised by a crunchy hard base, airy dough and it's reversed sauce above cheese topping. 

  THE pizza

The slices came out as quickly as you'd expect and they really are massive. We split each one in half and still had what felt like three big slices each. Here's how we got on with each slice. 


Starting with the Triple Double: double sugo (sauce), double pepperoni, double mozzarella, triple cooked. This was by no means a bad slice - but our least favourite of the three. The thing about Grandma slices is, it's so often all about which square you get out of the pan. The sauce above cheese layering means that you can get this amazing caramelised crispy edge where the sauce has been touching the metal pan, and the corner piece is renown for providing the most caramelisation. We got a middle piece and there wasn't much going on with our crust. What we would say however is that the Triple Double totally delivers on it's promise of shit tons of toppings. This guy is super indulgent, almost feels like an entire pizza piled into one slice and we reckon would be absolute specialist in hangover cures. 

Next up is the Margherita: sugo, grated mozzarella, mozzarella di buffalo & basil. We always use this slice as a way to compare different pizza places, and Civerinos Slice's Margherita illustrates their style really well. The dough is delicious and perfectly baked, with nice spots of char flecked across it's base, meanwhile the house sugo that Civerinos produce is delicious and well balanced. Where this differs from other places in town is the use of two different types of mozzarella, and a fuck load of it too. Slice clearly wanna give you your money's worth, and if you're a cheese fiend, you're gonna love it. The Margherita reminds us of the style that you get from those faux-Italian takeaways, but with a much higher quality of produce and way better bake. If you're fond of the late night takeaway but have a palate for better pizza, look no further than Civerinos Slice. 


 The final slice was the aptly named Civerinos: marinara sugo, pepperoni, Sicilian sausage, rosemary, burrata, black pepper. In the past we've been disappointed by pizzas that claim to be the 'house special' or the 'chef's choice', so we hoped that the Civerinos would deliver. Oh boy it did. This is everything you want from a house pie. It is unique in both appearance and flavour, with the combination of burrata (a mix of cream & mozzarella) and rosemary working in perfect harmony. The Sicilian sausage pieces are little flavour bombs and every ingredient has a reason and a job to do. Combine that with great sauce, great dough and a perfect bake and the Civerinos slice is fucking iconic. 10/10 would destroy again, and again, and again. 



Civerinos Slice is up there as one of our favourite spots in Edinburgh. Their branding and style is right up our street and the pizzas do not disappoint. 


The 'Civerinos' slice has flown straight into the Slice or Die Hall of Fame and we can't wait to have it again. We're keen to give the Grandma slice another whirl too, and perhaps we'll be a bit more bashful when ordering to get that corner piece. 


Our only disclaimer is that these guys go to town on the toppings, so we wouldn't recommend visiting before a big night out. You'll probably need a lie down after slamming a few slices, but to be honest, Civerinos Slice is worthy of being the beginning, middle and end of your night out. 



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