February 10, 2019


When stars align, greatness happens. 


Have you ever used one of those websites to look up who you share your birthday with? In a horrible twist of fate, our birthdays are June 14th and April 26th, and no-fucking-joke, they are the birthdays of Donald & Melania Trump. 


Luckily if pizza ever looked up who they share their special day with, they'd see another king of carb mountain - the bagel, as National Bagel Day and National Pizza Day are both observed on February 9th. 


In Edinburgh, this day marks the collaboration between two of the city's hottest independent feeding holes - Civerinos and Bross Bagels. Both spots are infamous for their renegade marketing and great fuckin' food, so we knew we had to get down to try the Brosserinos pizza bagel. 



We headed down to Bross Bagels on Leith Walk, one of three locations, on Saturday afternoon. We misjudged how beloved these two Edinburgh establishments are, because by 2pm, the Brosserinos bagel had sold out..! We took the opportunity to have a couple of classic Bross offerings - the Chicken Parm and the Salt Beef & Mustard. Undeterred, we returned on Sunday morning and struck circular gold. This was our breakfast, so we also grabbed some coffee and The Goy - a breakfast bagel of bacon, eggs, smoked cheese and Latke - a sexy Jewish potato cake. 


Bross Bagels serve Montreal style bagels - they are thinner, denser and sweeter than their more well known NYC counterpart. We aren't bagel experts by any means, but after a weekend of bagel eating, we can confirm that Bross Bagels are fuckin' delicious. 


The Brosserinos is a beautiful marriage as the Civerinos' Triple Double is wedded in holey matrimony to the Bross Bagel. There isn't much else to say here, it's everything you'd want from either team and an absolute must-try for pizza and bagel lovers alike. 


You'll need to be quick though, as this whirlwind romance will be over by the end of the week. 



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